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King Charles

12 Jan

No, not that King Charles. The musician, also from the U.K. named King Charles. I first heard about his wonders when he went on tour with Mumford & Sons (the band who should have won best album for the Grammy’s, but that’s beside the point). When he was on tour it seemed like everyone was talking about him as much as they were talking about Mumford & Sons. To get that much recognition while being an opening act is crazy. What was even more crazy is his music, crazy good that is.

His song Love Lust was his first music video I saw and his first song I heard as well. I instantly knew it was love, not lust, that kept this catchy love song playing over and over on my computer and left me yearning for more. He hadn’t put out an album yet (and still technically hasn’t, only releasing a Single and an EP) and I was dying for one after seeing his Black Cab Session video of his song Ivory Road. First of the concept of the Black Cab Sessions is awesomely great. Only in England I guess. Secondly this is probably one of the greatest lyrical songs that I have ever heard. I challenge you to find a better one. Seriously, leave a video or a link to a better one in the comment section. These videos, along with his We Didn’t Start the Fire video and his Beating Hearts video left me longing for a full album.

A couple days ago, January 10th to be exact, he released his first EP, Mississippi Isabel. And what a wonderful EP it is. Although he did not include all the songs I have come to love, he did provide me with an EP to be currently obsessed with. Constant repeat on my iPod. So I highly suggest checking him out and remember my challenge.