100% Funk

13 Jan

While I was home for Christmas Break, I was rooting through my dads old CDs and finding music to add to my iTunes library. I had a couple of alright finds, Placebo, Hole, and Joe Jackson to name a few. But as I went upstairs from my methlab looking basement, I saw a gold mine on the corner of the shelf. As you may have guessed it is what this post is about, the cd 100% Funk. And when I say this was a gold mine, I mean it was a fucking gold mine.

It was beautiful. I mean the cover itself, was a testament to just how great it would be. So I picked it up and brought it upstairs where I flipped the case and read a list of Funk heavyweights, that would rock any 7o’s roller disco. Wild Cherry, The Commodores, Parliament, these were just the first three bands listed. I imported it, and since then have listened to the CD about seven to ten times all the way through.

These are the tracks on this amazing cd.

Early In The Morning-Gap Band 
Funkytown- Lipps Inc. 
Boogie Oogie Oogie- A Taste of Honey
Fire- Ohio Players
Car Wash- Rose Royce
Low Rider- War
Tear the Roof Off the Sucker- Parliament
Get Down On It- Kool & the Gang
You Sexy Thing- Hot Chocolate 
Superfreak- Rick James
Brick House- The Commodores
Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry

I suggest that everyone listens to this gift from god that is 100% Funk.

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