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Lana Del Rey

11 Jan

I know by now the word is out about just how amazing Lana Del Rey is, but being that she was what influenced me in my creation of Current Obsessions. The self proclaimed “gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” has already been signed to Interscope records and her music has been featured on the CW’s “The Ringer.” She releases her album “Born To Die” on January 30th, with a ridiculous amount of hype.

In October, when Del Rey first came out with “Video Games” I was kind of skeptical. The song didn’t exactly strike me as that good. It was boring and slow and I glanced over it. But I kept on listening to it and each time it got better. Every time, the darkness of the strings and orchestra and the longing in her voice swallowed me. “I say you the bestest/ Lean in for a Big Kiss/ Put his favorite perfume on/ Go play a video game,” Del Rey croons, depicting the unrequited love between her and her lover, that feeling of  pain when ignored and rejected. The video that accompanies it compliments the song well. The cut and paste style depicts the drear that the song creates. Del Rey’s latest single, “Born To Die,” continues her trend of melodramatic love songs, again creating a beautiful masterpiece this time of existential despair and love.

My favorite part about Lana Del Rey, is just how different she is from the other women in the indie world.(I know she is technically not indie due to her major label status but for all intents and purposes she is). To me indie women all sound the same. There is no difference between Regina Spector and Lilly Allen to be honest. They both fit a corporate indie style, with which they write cutesy music. On the other hand, Del Rey’s orchestral arrangements and deep voice create a darkness that other women in indie don’t create in their music.

Link To “Born To Die”