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Seu Jorge

30 Jan

Probably kicked off by viewing of the Moonrise Kingdom Trailer, and the immediate readings of various interviews with Wes Anderson afterwards, I began listening to Seu Jorge. I started with his work in the Life Aquatic soundtrack and then began listening to his other stuff and it is phenomenal. Now don’t take me for one of these World Music elitists because I’m not, but this is just really good music.

Jorge, hails from the favelas of Brazil, but does not fall into the common style of music, Baile Funk(made famous by djs Diplo and Switch through Major Lazer), that is commonly associated with the country. Influenced equally by samba and Stevie Wonder, Jorge creates a perfect mixture of ethnically latin music with American soul. At some points, such as his Life Aquatic Studio Sessions, he even takes on a sound that is folky in its own right. For example, on his cover of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust” he sounds like a Spanish Bob Dylan. Its phenomenal.

Jorge has been around for a while now. He debuted in 1998 with his debut album Moro no Brasil and since then has amassed a pretty decent discography while making appearances in movies such as The Life Aquatic and City of God(which I desperately want to see). Most recently though, he collaborated with Beck(one of my favorite musicians) on a remix of his, Beck’s, 1998 song “Tropicalia,” off of the album Mutations, on which Beck experimented with island and Latin American sounds. The remix is great, featuring, Jorge singing the verses in Spanish, which is contrasted well with keeping Beck’s original English choruses in tact. Overall an incredible song.

Tropicalia- Beck (Mario C 2011 Remix ft. Seu Jorge and Beck)

Tive Razo- Seu Jorge

Ziggy Stardust- Seu Jorge


The Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

25 Jan

This is going to be a fucking great movie for my movie watching this year. The Dark Knight Rises, comes out this summer completing one of my favorite trilogies ever, by one of my favorite two directors, Chris Nolan. And now, my other favorite, Wes Anderson, has a new movie coming out on May 25th.

I love Anderson’s movies(the Life Aquatic being my favorite). I don’t know how to describe why, but each of his movies in phenomenal. I hate to call them quirky but I might have to. Their perfect blend of subtle humor, incredible soundtracks, and deep thematic elements makes each of them fucking amazing.

I don’t know what else to say. Really. Basically if you have not seen a Wes Anderson film, you should definitely try and find one to watch. Other than that, I have nothing else to say, except watch theĀ trailer and see why this is a current obsession.

Oh and besides the typical Anderson cast except Owen Wilson(Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, etc.) it has Frances McDormand. And Bruce Willis. And Edward Norton.